Ray Fenwick releases five track EP – Going Large – on 15 January 2021

Ray releases a new five track EP via Singsong Music on 15 January 2021.

A specially commissioned mini-album of instrumental music, it brings out the best values in funk and rock while also exploring more expansive and symphonic soundscapes.

The title track has a funk/rock groove that’s very edgy: “it does what it says on the tin!” Ray explains.

He wrote “Tam Tam” in the style of ’70s icons The Crusaders and Yellow Jackets with a modern approach in both arrangement and sound.

Next up is “Trade Winds”; “this piece mirrors the east to west prevailing equatorial winds in permanent motion, circling the Earth, in a state of constant movement and calming,” says Ray.

“I wrote and performed “Firepower 44” with guitarist/songwriter Will Thomson opening it with a Clapton ‘Edge Of Darkness’ vibe that moves through an orchestrated arrangement building to a filmic crescendo-powered outro.”

A tribute to Toronto-based baseball team, The Blue Jays, Ray was moved to write the piece of the same name after seeing a play about the team on a family visit to Canada. “More than anything I feel that this reflects the team’s spirit, style and raw energy,” he reflects.

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Ray chatted to Carla Greene of BBC Radio Lincolnshire on
7 January, discussing the latest EP.