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G=Guitar BV=Backing vocals LV=Lead Vocals
(A)-side (B)-side
Year Artist Title Label Catalogue no. Comments
1967 AFTER TEA National Disaster Decca XBY846.504 BV, LV, G
1968 AFTER TEA After Tea Decca SCL-K1251 BV, LV, G
1968 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP With Their New Face On United Artists ULP1192 BV, G
1968 TEE SET Join The Tea Seat Tee Set Records TELP023.5 G
1971 TEE SET T-Five T-Set Negram ELS921 BV, G, P
1971 HARDIN AND YORK For The World Decca SKL5095 G
1971 JOHN BRYANT John Bryant Polydor 2383-069 G
1971 HARDIN AND YORK For The World Decca SKL5095 G (reissued on CD by Repertoire Records in 1995 with bonus tracks)
1971 RAY FENWICK Keep America Beautiful Get A Haircut Decca SKL5090 BV, G, P
1971 MIKE HURST In My Time Capitol CAP ST21819 G
1971 EDDIE HARDIN Home Is Where You Find It Decca G
1972 MIKE ABSALOM Hector And Other Peccadillos Philips 6308 131 G
1972 DICK RIVERS Dick Rockin’ Along The River’s Countryside Shotgun Butterfly SH1010 G
1972 VARIOUS The World Of TV Themes Decca SPA217 BV, G, P (Incl. the track ‘Magpie’)
1973 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Living In A Back Street Vertigo 6360-105 BV, G
1973 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Gluggo Vertigo 6360-088 BV, G. P
1973 BO DIDDLEY The London Sessions Chess 6499 476 G
1973 EVENSONG Evensong Philips  6308-139 G
1974 ROGER GLOVER The Butterfly Ball Purple TPSA7514 G
1974 JON LORD Windows Purple TPSA7513 G
1974 FANCY Wild Thing Big Tree/Atlantic BTACS89502 0797 BV, LV, G
1975 FANCY Something To Remember Arista ARTY102 G (released in USA as ‘Fancy Turns You On’)
1975 JIMMY HELMS Gonna Make You An Offer Cube HiFly21 G (released in USA as ‘Fancy Turns You On’)
1976 VARIOUS Wizard’s Convention RCA RS1085 G, BV (reissued, President 1985 as ‘Money To Burn’, Repertoire Records,1994)
1976 IAN GILLAN BAND Child In Time Polydor ACBR261 BV, G (reissued, Virgin 1990)
1977 PHIL CORDELL Born Again EMI Prodigal PDL2006 G
1977 IAN GILLAN BAND Clear Air Turbulence Island ILPS9500 BV, G, P (See also The Rockfield Mixes, 1997)
1977 IAN GILLAN BAND Scarabus Island ILPS9511 BV, G, P (reissued by Virgin, 1990)
1977 EDDIE HARDIN You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks Attic G (reissued by Repertoire, 1994 with bonus tracks)
1978 IAN GILLAN BAND Live At The Budokan Island ILPS9545 BV, G (reissued by Virgin 1987)
1980 VARIOUS Uppers On The South Downs Safari UPP1 BV, LV, G, P (released on CD via Dojo in 1994 with additional tracks)
1980 SUPERNOVA Supernova Circular Sounds CSN-01 G
1982 DICK RIVERS Sans Legende RCA PL-37693 G
1982 EDDIE HARDIN Circumstantial Evidence RCA  PL30101 G
1982 WESLEY MAGOOGAN Can’t Get A Ticket For The World Cup K-Tel NE1169 BV, G
1984 JOHNNY MARS Life On Mars Lamborghini LSULP2 G,P
1985 EDDIE HARDIN Wind In the Willows President PTLS1078 G
1986 JOHNNY MARS Blues On 2 BBC Records REN610 G
1986 IRIS WILLIAMS Peace Must Come Again President PTLS1081 G
1986 THE MARS FENWICK BAND Fire In The City President PTLS1083 G, P
1987 FORCEFIELD Forcefield President PCOM1088 G, K, P
1988 TEE SET The Hit Collection EMI Bovema CDM7908552 BV, G, P
1988 FORCEFIELD Forcefield II President PCOM1095 G, P (Bonus tracks on CD)
1988 JAMES DARBY Southern Region Breakdown President PTLB1093 G, K, P
1988 TEE SET Hot Nights Corduroy Records CCD2411 BV, G, P
1988 EDDIE HARDIN Situations President PTLS1089 G (one track)
1989 MINUTE BY MINUTE Timewatch Sky (Holland) TCD10077 BV, reissued as Don’t Mess With Fire on Start Records, 1996 and Angel
Air, 2002)
1989 FORCEFIELD To Oz And Back President PCOM100 BV, G, P
1989 ROGER GLOVER, EDDIE HARDIN Butterfly Ball/Wizard’s Convention Connoisseur Collection VSOPCD139 BV, G
1990 FORCEFIELD Forcefield IV President PCOM1110 G, P
1991 MARIO PARGA The Magician President PCOM1116 G, P, K
1991 GRAHAM BONNET Here Comes The Night President PTLS1114 G, P, K
1991 ROGER GLOVER & FRIENDS Love Is All Charles Talar Records 930662RC620 G (Ray plays on one track)
1991 EUGENIO FINARDI Finardi Cicogna  EMA 3002 G
1992 EDDIE HARDIN Wind In The Willows Inak INAK9010CD G
1992 IAN GILLAN Cherkazoo And Other Stories RPM Records RPM104 G
1992 TEE SET Timeless (The Best Of) Quality Ent. QCD92117 BV, G, P
1992 FORCEFIELD Instrumentals President PCOM1121 G, K, P
1993 AFTER TEA The Best Of Mercury 514940-2 BV, LV, G
1994 HARDIN AND YORK World’s Smallest Big Band RPM Records RPM129 G (Ray appears on 1 track)
1994 HARDIN AND YORK Tomorrow Today RPM Records RPM128 BV, G (Ray appears on 4 tracks)
1994 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Taking Out Time 1967-1969 RPM Records RPM127 BV, LV, G, P
1994 TEE SET The Best Of Red Bullet RB66-83 BV, G, P
1994 TEE SET Emotion RPM Records RPM134 BV, G, P
1995 HARDIN AND YORK Still A Few Pages Left RPM Thunderbird CSA106 G
1995 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Live In 1973 ‘Catch You On the Rebop’ RPMRecords RPM150 BV, G, P
1995 MOOD INDIGO Acoustic Moods Hit Record Co. ROJOC1022 G, K, P
1995 HORNBLOWER Saxophone Moods 2 Hit Record Co. ROJOC1019 G, K, P
1995 MARTIN TAYLOR ACADEMY Guitar Moods Hit Record Co. ULTCD023 G, K, P
1995 SYNTHESIZER MOODS Synthesizer Moods Hit Record Co. ULTCD016 G, K, P
1995 FANCY Wild Thing/Something To Remember Start SRH802 BV, LV, G
1995 TEE SET Original Hit Recordings EMI 0777 7-908552-1 BV, G, P
1995 EDDIE HARDIN The Young Poisoner’s Handbook Deram 844429-2 G (one track)
1997 EDDIE HARDIN Wizard’s Convention 3 TDK Records TDCN5615 G, BV
1997 RAY FENWICK Riding The Rock Machine RPM Records RPM176 BV, G, P
1997 GUITAR ORCHESTRA Guitar Orchestra Angel Air Records SJPCD002 BV, G, P, M
1997 VARIOUS This Is Mod ‘Volume 5’ Anagram Records CDMGRAM110 G, P (Ray appears on two tracks with The Teenbeats)
1997 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Funky One Way Records OW34529 BV, LV, G, P (US release includes bonus track)
1997 MUSICIANS UNION BAND Musician Union Band Angel Air Records SJPCD010 BV, G, P (reissue of 1971 recordings)
1997 RAY FENWICK Keep America Beautiful Get A Haircut Angel Air Records SJPCD013 BV, G, P (reissue of 1971 album)
1997 TEE SET 24 Carat Angel Air Records SJPCD014 BV, G, P
1997 WIZARD’S CONVENTION 2 Wizard’s Convention 2 Angel Air Records SJPCD009 G, K (issued on Edel (Germany) in 1995, by TDK Japan 1996 with three
bonus tracks)
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