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G=Guitar BV=Backing vocals LV=Lead vocals P=Producer
M=Mandolin K=Keyboards B=Banjo (A)-side (B)-side
Year Artist Title Label Catalogue no. Comments
1965 THE SYNDICATS On The Horizon/Crawdaddy Simone Columbia DB7686 (A) BV (B) BV, G
1967 TEE SET Now’s The Time/Bring A Little Sunshine Tee Set Records TS1252 BV, G, P
1967 TEE SET So I Came Back To You/Please Call Me Negram/Delta DS1233 BV, G, P
1967 AFTER TEA Not Just A Flower In Your Hair/The Time Is Nigh Decca AT10.288 BV, G, P, (B) LV
1967 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Mr Second Class/Sanity Inspector United Artists UP-1203 BV, G
1968 AFTER TEA We Will Be There After Tea/Lemon Coloured Honey Tree Decca AT10.299 BV, G, P , (B) LV
1968 AFTER TEA Peruquine Thomas Decca AT10.342 BV, G
1968 AFTER TEA Snowflakes On Amsterdam Decca AT10.325 BV, G
1968 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP After Tea/Moonshine United Artists UP2213 (A) BV, G (B) G
1968 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Short Change/Picture Of Heaven United Artists UP2226 (A) BV, LV, G (B) BV, G
1970 TURQUOISE MARCHAL My Man/I May Happily Forget Eagle (Holland) EAGLE5 G
1971 THE MURGATROYD BAND Magpie/Twice A Week Decca F.13256 BV, G, P
1971 MUSICIANS UNION BAND Bad Boy/Carolina Belle Polydor 2050-102 BV, G, P
1971 MUSICIANS UNION BAND In My Room/Put Your Trust In The Lord Polydor 2050-125 BV, G, P
1971 NEW WORLD Rose Garden RAK RAK111 G
1971 BARRY RYAN Can’t Let You Go Polydor 2001-256 G
1971 EWAN STEPHENS Queen Of The Good Times/We Can Give It A Try Decca F13219 G, P
1971 EDDIE HARDIN Drivin’/Where I’m Gonna Sleep Tonight Decca F13252 G
1972 MARIANNE NOBLE Side Step Polydor 2050 160 G
1972 EWAN STEPHENS Brother We can Surely Work It Out Decca F13299 G, P
1972 SUMMER WINE Why Do Fools Fall In Love/Ode To The Steel Guitar Philips 6006 217 BV, G
1972 JAKE And In The Morning/You And Me Deram DM350 G
1972 SUMMER WINE Living Right Next Door To An Angel Philips 6006 288 BV, G
1972 EDDIE HARDIN Why Does Everybody Put Me Down/Spend Your Money Honey Decca F13307 G
1973 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Catch You On The Rebop/The Edge Vertigo 6059.076 (A) BV, G (B) G, P
1973 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Mr Operator/Touching Cloth Vertigo 6059.082 (A) BV, G (B) G, P
1973 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Don’t You Let It Bring You Down/Today Gluggo Tomorrow The World Vertigo VE110 (A) BV, G (B) G, P
1973 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Living In A Back Street/Sure Need A Helping Hand Vertigo 6059.087 BV, G
1973 FANCY Wild Thing/Fancy Atlantic K10383 BV, G
1973 JIMMY HELMS Gonna Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse Cube BUG27 G
1973 SUMMER WINE She’s Still A Mystery/Shenandoah Philips 6006 315 BV, G
1973 JOHN PERRY Nancy Sing Me A Song/Crying Eyes Philips 6006 319 G, B
1973 PERFORMANCE Funny Little Things/Rejoice Polydor 2058 324 G
1974 FANCY Touch Me/I Don’t Need Your Love Atlantic K11514 BV, G
1974 JIMMY HELMS Brother Sunrise/Gold Philips 6006-420 G
1975 RAY FENWICK & FANCY Music Maker/Bluebird Arista ARISTA32 BV, G, P
1975 FANCY I Was Made To Love Him/Short version Arista ARISTA15 BV, G
1975 STARLINERS Weekend Girl/Kiss Me Once More Oyster OYR104 G
1975 ROGER GLOVER & FRIENDS Little Chalk Blue Purple G
1976 STARLINERS Weekend Girl/Kiss Me Once More Oyster OYR104 G
1977 IAN GILLAN BAND Country Lights/Poor Boy Hero Island ILR 2 0329
1978 RAY FENWICK Queen Of The Night/I Wanna Boogie Mercury 6007-176 LV, BV, G
1978 RAY FENWICK Queen Of The Night/Between The Devil And Me Philips (Germany) 6003-667 LV, BV, G
1978 IAN GILLAN BAND Mad Elaine/Mercury High Island WIP6423 BV, G, P
1979 THE TEENBEATS I Can’t Control Myself/I’ll Never Win Safari SAFE17 BV, G, P
1979 THE TEENBEATS Strength Of The Nation/If I’m Gone Tomorrow Safari SAFE19 G, P
1980 THREE WAY SWITCH Leaving On A Jet Plane/Love Triangle Ariola Hansa AHA 568 G, P
1980 JO JO LAINE AND THE FIRM When The Boy’s Happy/Runaway Mercury MER30 BV, G, P
1980 THE SOUTH COAST SKA STARS Head On/South Coast Rumble Safari SAFE25 G, P
1980 WHITE LIGHTNING Shine It On Me/Mailbox Monza BV, G, P
1980 WESLEY MAGOOGAN This Guy’s In Love With You/Moonshine Mainly Modern Records STP5 G, P
1981 TICHTURNER’S ESCALATOR Don’t Really Want You Back Again/Ska’d For Life Cheapskate Records CHEAP22 BV, G, P
1981 TICHTURNER’S ESCALATOR Diana/Are You Wiv Cheapskate Records CHEAP7 BV, G, P
1981 SUNDANCE What’s Love/A Song Bronze BRO132 G
1981 THE GARY WILSON BAND Help Me Rhonda/Baby Let’s Play House Avatar AAA110 G
1981 MISSING LINK Too Young To Rock And Roll/Why Me RCA RCA96 G
1982 SUNDANCE Walk Right In/Jealousy Bronze BRO147 G
1982 THE GARY WILSON BAND Dreamin’/I Can’t Pay The Bill Avatar AAA127 G
1982 JOHNNY MARS Hot Lips Boogie/Chick-hen-stew Sundance Records SUND004 G, P
1983 JOHNNY MARS BAND Hot Lips Boogie/Chick-hen Stew RCA PB61213 G, P
1983 LITTLE JOE Splish Splash/Little Queenie Barclay LMG10 BV, G, P
1984 DICK RIVERS Nice Baie Des Anges/La Nationale RCA PB61320 G
1984 SCOTTY Superstar/Superstar (instrumental) Big Life Records BS531 G, P
1984 JOHNNY MARS Born Under A Bad Sign/Standing In Line Lamborghini Records LSU2 G, P
1984 DAIMYO Electric Dance/Electric Dance (dub) EMI 1A006 1270837 BV, G, P
1985 SARAH GREENE Eeny Meenie/So Strong Lamborghini Records LMG5 G, P
1985 JONAS Bang The Drum All Day/Rockin’ Little Rebel Lamborghini Records LMG19 G
1985 S.F.X. Rockin’ With My Radio/My Old Man Lamborghini Records LMG4 BV, G, P
1985 JOHN STAX Waking In the Middle Of the Night/Through Silence Lamborghini Records LMG20 G, P
1985 SCARLETT Sisters Under The Skin/This Year’s Model Lamborghini Records LMG17 G, P
1985 SAMANTHA FOX Aim To Win/17 And Holding Lamborghini Records LMG10 BV, G, P
1985 AXIS The Water Is Wide/Heart Of Fire Corduroy Records MS556 BV, G, P
1986 IRIS WILLIAMS The Water Is Wide/Let’s Pretend President PT562 G
1986 MARS-FENWICK BAND Ash Ain’t Nothing But Trash/Smoking Out The Barons President PT548 G, P
1986 SAMANTHA FOX Aim To Win/Holding Genie GEN3 BV, G, P
1986 SAMANTHA FOX Holding Genie GEN8 BV, G, P
1986 MARS-FENWICK BAND Fire In The City/A Lover Not A Fighter President PT556 G, P
1986 IRIS WILLIAMS Peace Must Come Again/The Next Time I See You President PT546 G
1986 PETER DEAN Can’t Get A Ticket A The World Cup/Right, Fine, Don’t Panic Portrait A7150 G
1987 FORCEFIELD Smoke On The Water/Shine It On Me President PT551 G, P, K
1987 WORKING GIRLS Princess/Princess (Dub) President PT552 G, P, K
1988 FORCEFIELD Heartache/I Lose Again President PT578 G, P
1989 MINUTE BY MINUTE Don’t Mess With Fire/Homesick Sky/Telstar TSI4702 G, P
1989 MINUTE BY MINUTE Short Avenue/Kathy’s Love Sky/Telstar TSI4725 G, P
1990 MINUTE BY MINUTE Black And Blue/Go Back To Sleep Sky/Telstar TSI 4747 G, P
1991 CON O’NEILL, WARWICK EVANS Flip, Flop And Fly/Gimme Some Living First Night Records SCORE32 G, P
1991 ROGER GLOVER & FRIENDS Love Is All Charles Talar Records 990495RC620 G
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